Health Care versus Health Insurance

Health care represents a significant part of our states’s economydoctor-563428_960_720

Health care is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments. Your healthcare is delivered by a practitioner of your choice.

Health insurance is the financial vehicle which is used to pay for the health care given by the provider (doctors, hospitals). Its purpose is to provide for those cases that are random, unplanned and catastrophic (car accidents, cancers, long-term illness). A devastating illness or accident should not bankrupt a family. Individuals and families should be able to choose an insurance policy that meets their needs relative to their stage of life. Young, healthy people, for example, who are just starting out in their careers should not be forced to pay hundreds of dollars per month in excessive health insurance costs. They should have the choice to select the right plan for themselves and their families. To facilitate this, I will support free market policy that increases competition and offers more customer choice.